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 Linux Documentation Project To Do List 

If you are interested in helping with any of these tasks, or if you know of a task that should be added or modified from the list below; contact us at: Please state all appropriate information regarding the task and include a valid email address in case we need to follow-up with you.

Note: This page is outdated. Please join the LDP general discussion list if you wish to assist us.

item ID submitted task status / comments
FM 2000-01-28 Get the rest of the HOWTOs registered with Freshmeat open

updated 2001-04-09:
Being worked on by Megan Bock.
LINKS 2000-01-28 Run an automated robot to look for broken links in documents. open; ongoing. Currently, this is done periodically for mirror sites to determine if active and/or outdated. Need to do the same against all the various links we have.

updated 2001-01-29:
I would recommend linkchecker:

updated 2001-04-09:
Being worked on by Kristin Thomas.

updated 2001-10-27:
Completed; but since this is considered to be an ongoing task it will remain on the list.
DIST 2000-01-28 Approach the various distribution compilers to join this mailing list, and persuade them to keep fresh LDP HOWTO archives in their errata section. updated 2001-06-18:
Being worked on by Parag Mehta, <>.
MP 2000-02-07 Make a framework test case for man page stubs from a HOWTO underway, will be posted to the "discuss" mailinglist.
LKG 2000-02-08 Find someone to update the guide "The Linux Kernel" to be based on a more recent kernel. updated 2001-07-02:
Being worked on by Stefan, <>.

Contact him if you wish to assist. Progress will be reported on the Documents Under Development page.
INDEX 2000-02-15 Make a proper index.html file for each of the LDP subdirectories. Make a text file (README) describing the layout of the LDP files, to accompany the archive open
INFO 2000-Mar-06 Add an archive of the info pages (from gnu info) updated 2000-04-27:
and Man Pages.
BOOK 2000-04-27 Build a book for all HOWTOs Joshua Drake
BUGS 2000-04-27 Add a list of uncorrected bugs. open
CVS 2000-05-08 Get the CVS repository fully-functional. updated 2000-07-21:
Documents are being checked-in and out without problems. We need to build a processing environment around the CVS repository.
FB 2000-05-08 Setup feedback mechanism for documents (back to authors/LDP). open
SGML 2000-05-08 Make sure we have SGML instances for all documents (mark-up assistance is needed!). open

updated 2001-04-09:
List of those documents requiring markup is here
METADATA 2000-05-88 Add decent metadata for all the entries in the LDP. Based on OMF (

Tie this search/browse capability into the LDP.
first set done, needs to be updated.

updated 2000-07-21:
Added a link in the search box.

updated 2002-04-15:
Try the LDP database.
SEARCH 2000-05-08 Integrate a more flexible search engine; take advantage of (index) the DocBook/Linuxdoc SGML, not just the HTML document instances. open
PROC 2000-05-08 Set up a Linux machine so authors could log in and compile their documentation there, always sure the software is the very latest release. Joshua Drake

updated 2001-10-27:
See information about the automated (email-based) system in our Author's Resources area.
SSH 2000-07-26 secure shell / syncdirs (CVS) open
NEWS 2000-10-24 Find/contact moderator of news:comp.os.linux.answers At least 4 attempts by at least 2 different persons.

A comment was made on ldp-discuss over how much value the newsgroup posting(s) have.

updated 2002-04-15:
We are working on the implementation with the moderator and another individual.
TOOLS 2000-10-27 Tools/scripts needed to create LDP distributions for various formats, languages etc. open
RH 2001-01-07 Update the RedHat-CD-HOWTO to reflect the changes in Red Hat 7.0 open
CLEAN 2001-10-27 Clean HTML code from HTML-rendering which normally produces code in many short lines, w/excessive linebreaks. open

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